Official launch of 360 Certification Ltd

Tuesday 24th September saw the official launch of 360 Certification Ltd @ Chelmsford Waterhouse Business Centre

360 Certification Ltd (360C), was founded in 2018 and exists to serve clients who are in need of ISO Certification against a range of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) standards, such as ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management, ISO 27001 inofrmaton Security Management together with other relevant industry accreditations.

360C will promote and deliver certification services to the broader business world. They are expecting that their services will be available across the UK and eventually be available Internationally.

These certification services will enable clients to demonstrate that their products, processes, systems or services are compliant with national and international regulations and standards.

360 Certification offer an innovative and unique solution to ISO Certification through the use of digital technology making ISO Certification accessible and affordable to all businesses.

360 Certification has strong values around credibility and reputational, during the launch event they presented some real competitive advantages over the competition. These competitive advantages included:

  • Responsive agile certification
  • Technically led client services
  • High emphasis on digital capability
  • Change from client service to client self service
  • Reduction in costs and administration
  • Less certification time, reducing costs
  • Environmentally stable services
  • Reduced carbon delivery model
  • Accessible and affordable to all
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