ISO 45001 (OHSAS 18001) Whats happening?

360 Certification-45001-StampISO 45001 the changes?

As a result of OHSAS 18001 changing into ISO 45001 there are now ten clauses.

The requirements of this certification are all tailored around these ten clauses as other management systems will do so in the future.

The ten clauses include consideration for scope, normative references, terms and definitions. Such changes also include a new requirement known as leadership, whereby management must show dedication and accountability for the success of OH&S.

There are also clauses for policy and planning where the organisation must state their assurance to continuous improvement and consider any risks or opportunities within the context of the organisation. Support, operations and performance evaluations are also a part of the ten clauses.

However, there are little changes to these clauses as they have just become more specific.

Finally, improvement is the tenth clause that involves areas of incident, nonconformity, corrective action and continual improvement. The key change in this clause is that preventative action is no longer specified as this is covered under concept of risk based thinking, which runs throughout this standard.

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