ISO 14001

Environmental Management System

As the world becomes increasingly aware of climate change and environmental issues, the need for effective environmental management is vital if organisations are to be competitive today and remain so tomorrow.

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is the international standard for the environmental management of business. It is the most widely regarded environmental management system standard and is recognised worldwide.

ISO 14001 addresses the way companies manage their effect on the environment and the measures they take to improve environmental performance. It does not specify levels of environmental performance. Instead, the purpose of this standard is to provide a framework for a whole-systems approach to the organisations policy, plan and actions which can be used to meet internal and external objectives for environmental management.

ISO 14001 is a universal standard suitable for large and small businesses in any sector. Because it doesn’t set out specific environmental performance requirements it can be used by companies at all stages of environmental management. The essential elements an organisation must take into account when seeking certification to ISO 14001 are that it must commit to continual improvement and to compliance with applicable regulations and legislation.

Having your environmental management system independently certified by 360 Certification Ltd will demonstrate to your stakeholders your commitment to reducing environmental impact, best practice and sustainability. It will also provide assurance that your environmental management system is operating efficiently and effectively, continually improving cost savings and environmental performance year after year.

The benefits of ISO 14001 certification:


Provide assurance to management that there is a systematic way of identifying and controlling the company’s impact on the environment


Provide assurance to employees, customers and regulators of the organisation’s environmental responsibility


Demonstrate compliance with current legislation and regulations


Enhance reputation and supports the organisations claims about its environmental credentials


Result in improved efficiency and productivity – reducing costs


Provide a clear framework for improvement and monitoring

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