BS 10012

Personal Information Management

The management of personal information security management is a minimum requirement in every business and is a legal requirement under GDPR regulations, but how do you know you are meeting your obligations and how do you prove it to others?

What is BS 10012?

BS 10012 is a British Standard which sets out the requirements for good practice for personal information security management – large or small. It validates companies that show excellence in personal data management, demonstrates leadership in reducing risk and creating a risk controlled environment.

Such standards are widely recognised mark of “business excellence” that in many sectors is vital to winning new business.

Certification to BS 10012 personal information security management systems will aid your organisation in managing and protecting your valuable data and information assets.

The benefits of BS 10012 certification:


Keeps confidential personal information secure


Provides confidence in how you manage risk


Allows for secure exchange of information


Ensures you are meeting your legal obligations


Helps you to comply with other regulations


Provides you with a competitive advantage


Enhanced customer satisfaction improves client retention


Manages and minimises risk exposure


Protects the company, assets, shareholders and directors

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